(Re) design around the globe!

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The Open Design Contest is a global platform for local design contests, to make designers aware of open design. Labs around the world can organize a contest where designers can (re)design products, fabricate them and share them with others. Participants are stimulated to build further on entries from previous competitions, to improve the designs even better or to give an existing design a local ‘flavor’. Designers are not only rewarded for fabricating a beautiful object, but also for the way they enable others to (re) make their object.

The contest is a great tool for labs to make people aware of the principles and strategies of open design. The global repository provides a large inspiration base of designs and blueprints, that people can (re)use to make an entry for the contest themselves. Local (physical) design sessions allow people to experiment through designing together, and to discuss the implications of open design. Off course every local lab has it’s own perspective on open design, and it will be exciting to see the local differences.

Are you interested in running your local open design contest? Please let us know, we are happy to provide you with a domain, and a tutorial on how to get started.