The Open Design Contest

The Open Design Contest is about designing and sharing products that can be made with digital fabrication. The designs are published under a Creative Commons license, so that anyone can download, use and adapt the designs, and upload derived designs again!

It just takes six steps to participate:

  1. Design a product, or re-design a previous entry.
  2. Make your design digital (you may combine it with non-digital crafts).
  3. Make your product at a local digital fabrication facility.
  4. Assemble your product and take pictures of your steps.
  5. Submit a complete entry: your blueprint, pictures and instructions.
  6. Share your design with others!

The Open Design Contest is divided into four categories: Form, Food, Fashion and Fusion. Have you thought of a product you’d like to make – or is there one out there you’d like to change? Show us your talents! Remember you can always (re-)use the designs that we publish.

More information about making an entry can be found here.